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Ramp Up Your Instagram Post with These 7 Photo Hacks


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Ramp Up Your Instagram Post with These 7 Photo Hacks | Amy Lynn Crawford

Instagram is a powerful tool for attracting new clients and winning loyal customers. However, taking professional, attention-grabbing photos is not always easy. Here are seven invaluable tips for transforming your photography skills.

Choose the Main Subject

All excellent pictures include at least one item, type of environment, or person as the central subject that immediately draws the attention of viewers. Photos that include several prominent subjects can be even better, as long as the image is still aesthetically pleasing and uncluttered.

Before shooting photos for your Instagram, make sure you have one or more primary subjects that will make your work attractive to potential clients.

Visualize Before Taking a Photo

Does this angle work? Is the lighting suitable? Will this subject make for an interesting photo? These are questions you probably have when you are about to take pictures. Fortunately, you can find the answers before you even lift your camera.
Pause for a moment to take in the scene. Try standing at different spots to examine your subject and imagine the image as a photograph. This way, you can choose the ideal viewpoint and lighting instead of spending too much time shooting dozens of experimental photos.

Experiment with Creative Angles

Ordinary photos that feature an object or person in the center have their place. However, pleasant yet basic photos are not always compelling enough to capture and keep the attention of new viewers.
To diversify your page, try experimenting with different angles and vantage points. Taking a photo from an unusual point of view conveys creativity and generates an interesting, unique scene that will impress people who are scrolling through Instagram.

Use Contrast

Contrast is a primary way to make your photos stand out. A basic example of this would be a photo that features a subject posed in front of a white wall. The simplicity of the background combined with the primary object or subject of the photograph results in an effective contrast.

Definite lines and vivid colors are a couple of characteristics that strengthen the presence of the central object or subject. Proper use of contrast is an excellent way to give your photos a unique flare and attract the attention of viewers.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

The lighting for your photos is an important part of capturing a good quality image. Natural lighting will provide you with the ideal amount of light for photography. Since sunlight is a lot less restricted than lamplight, you have the perfect opportunities to shoot photos throughout the day on both sunny and cloudy days.

Create Thought-Provoking Photos

Pictures are not just things that are nice to look at. You can also use them to convey a story and evoke powerful emotions such as happiness or nostalgia.

Depending on your individual goals, you can shoot a series of photos that tell a story about a specific place or person to make your viewers feel a certain way. Storytelling through photos is an excellent way to engage with your audience.

Use White Space to Elevate Your Feed

Another way to look at your pictures is to imagine your Instagram feed as photographs against a white wall.
This wider perspective can help you view your work as a whole. Seeing your pictures against white space gives you a clear view of how your overall theme looks. Maintaining a consistent style and general color scheme is a good way to present a solid brand image to potential clients.

Posting photos on a professional Instagram page is an effective way to strengthen your brand image and attract new clients.

Be sure to avoid doing too much editing before you post your photos. People appreciate authenticity and over-editing can be a turnoff. Implementing contrast, natural lighting, and creative angles are some key ways to shoot high quality pictures.

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