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5 Reasons to Use Selfies on Instagram


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5 Reasons to Use Selfies on Instagram | Amy Lynn Crawford

In real life, it is always good to put a face with a name. The same is true of your product or service. Selfies are not just for millennials or those who want to show off their new tan or fabulous recipe. Selfies are also a useful marketing tool that adds a personal touch and tells your brand’s story in pictures.

Put a Face on Your Brand

Think of the most successful companies and there is one thing they all have in common-they are not just names. Nike may have an iconic slogan and a compellingly simple graphic design, but its ads focus on active, fulfilled people using their products. Maybe the image of Howard Schultz enjoying a cup of his Starbucks coffee comes to mind or the late Steve Jobs unveiling and using yet another Apple product.

Branding relies on images, not just names. Creating images viewers can relate to-the actual owner or CEO of the company will make branding go farther than just words.

Build Your Know-Like-Trust Factor

In an era of social media, we like to get to know people, trust them, and like them before we necessarily subscribe to what they say. A selfie builds this essential connection.

Conversely, if you have ever visited a website devoid of any photo of the owner, it is likely to leave you a bit cold. Introducing yourself to customers will encourage them to appreciate what you have to offer. After all, Jeff Bezos’ face is familiar to Amazon’s millions of customers and yours should be too.

Demonstrate the Lifestyle Your Clients Can Achieve

Let customers look at you and instantly realize what is possible for them. This isn’t just when you are engaged in using the product that you are selling. One life improvement provided by your product or service can positively affect the quality of life in general. Show how fulfilled you feel with what you have to offer.

Denise Duffield Thomas is a master at this. She inspires fans just by lounging in her pjs and napping with her puppy, all while encouraging her audience to attack their money roadblocks. Through her images, she is telling her followers that you can do the same thing if you follow her advice. Her Instagram account says it all.

Show Off Your Personality

You may be serious about your business, but don’t make it seem like you are all work and no play. A selfie can show your lighter side and provide opportunities to highlight your humorous side. Marie Forleo is skilled at the lighter side of selfies, simply by walking outside or showcasing her latest dance moves.

Create a Connection

Building a relationship with your viewers is the best way to enhance your brand. Sharing your life through Selfies inspires confidence and encourages viewers to share back. Once people feel they have something invested in you, they are more likely to like, share, subscribe, and make a purchase. Another advantage is that once you have built a rapport and a relationship with viewers and clients, it is likely to be long-term.

Express Yourself and Expand Your Brand
People who are open on social media are likable. People listen to what they have to say, and they become influencers by sharing a bit of their lives. Building your brand with selfies is one way to let viewers get to know you and be introduced to your brand by observing your lifestyle.

Use THESE 4 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Connect with More Ideal Clients on Instagram!
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Give yourself credit. Change your self-talk. When you catch yourself becoming critical, congratulate yourself, instead. Reframing your thoughts will help you to view yourself in a more positive light.

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5 Reasons to Use Selfies on Instagram

In real life, it is always good to put a face with a name. The same is true of your product or service. Selfies are not just for millennials or those who want to show off their new tan or fabulous recipe. Selfies are also a useful marketing tool that adds a personal touch and tells your brand’s story in pictures.

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